Tim Hortons Port Carling Now Hiring

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Tim Hortons Port Carling Now Hiring

Managers John and Ella Arblaster Are Now Hiring to Prepare for a December Opening


The first Tim Hortons in the Township of Muskoka Lakes is ready to open its doors. Local favourites, John and Ella Arblaster, managers of the new operation, have completed their stint at Tim Hortons headquarters and are back in Port Carling getting ready to open.


The much anticipated Muskoka-themed Tim Hortons has been under construction for most of 2016. The highly visible stone fireplace, flagstone patio, and general cottage theme has attracted much attention over the last several months. With a peaked roof, cathedral ceiling, extensive stonework, and a gas fireplace, the Port Carling Tim Hortons is designed to reflect Muskoka through-and-through.


When the Tim Hortons signs were installed in early November, the finishing touches were in place. Customers have already lined up, but the doors are not yet open.


John and Ella are starting to conduct interviews this week on site in Port Carling. The new Tim Hortons offers a fast-paced, social environment in a cozy Muskoka setting. Ella’s left a notable hole in Port Carling, when it closed earlier this year. It is our hope to fill that void with a family-friendly, year-round destination where everyone feels at home.


We expect to hire a team of approximately 25 people. With a wide range of roles available, Tim Hortons offers competitive compensation packages including the well-known Tim Hortons benefit plan. In addition, as part of The Rosseau Group, the Muskoka Lakes franchise is part of a diverse and growing group of companies active across Ontario. Employees will be joining a dynamic team that offers insight into a variety of Ontario industries. Most importantly, new team members will be joining a fun and exciting crew in the core of Port Carling.


“With John and Ella at the helm, the Muskoka Lakes Tim Hortons will feel like the small family operation we all enjoyed at Ella’s,” said Scott Moffat – partner at The Rosseau Group.


Interested parties should submit cover letters and resumes to either John or Ella to request an on-site interview. We look forward to meeting you.


Applicants: Please submit interview requests to John.Arblaster@TheRosseauGroup.com or Ella@TheRosseauGroup.com