Land, High Rise, Low Rise, Hotels and Much More…

Real Estate

We invest across a wide range of projects and capital classes, from equity investments in land assembly. We invest in residential, commercial, recreational, hotel, and mixed-use developments. With extensive experience across the industry, we uncover opportunities overlooked by others.

The infrastructure provided by our affiliates, The Condo Store Group of Companies and Insider Condo Club, provide unparalleled access to projects, data, sales, and human capital. When evaluating residential projects, we typically seek developments for which our sister companies can provide the sales teams required to protect our investments and maximize returns.

While each fund has its own investment parameters, our portfolios include projects ranging from single-family homes to income-producing properties to large mixed-use developments.


Our portfolio is extensive, so we have included representative examples of the types of investments we seek.

Operating Companies

When evaluating operating companies, we seek growth capital opportunities in which we can secure a control position. We seek established companies with proven track records demonstrating consistent earning power and return.

We target firms with significant expansion potential and entrepreneurial management capable of implementing expansion plans. We provide active board members and prefer firms for which we can provide material assistance in their quest for growth.

While we generally prefer established companies, our partners are serial entrepreneurs and welcome the opportunity to provide early-stage capital for the right management team.

Multi-Billion Dollar Sales Organization, Craft Soda Company Dating Back to 1873 and Canada’s One and Only Favourite…Tim Horton’s…An Enviable Portfolio of Businesses and Brands, Under One Roof