TCS Marketing Systems

TCS Marketing Systems (MS) was established in 2009 to represent real estate developers, providing in-house sales and marketing for pre-construction condominium projects. Before that, pre-construction developer sales had been dominated by a handful of well-established players in a consolidated market. MS infused entrepreneurial energy into an otherwise stagnant industry.


MS is headed by managing partner, Mark Cohen, veteran executive of Menkes, Tribute, and Concord Adex. Within three years, MS surpassed most of the competition and became the third largest developer sales team in the GTA. MS prides itself on efficiency and honesty. Candid perspectives on projects and markets have rewarded MS with a client list replete with developers retained in the first years of operations.


Markets have changed over the years, and MS has been at the forefront of the transformation. Recently, MS worked with some of its most dynamic clients to spark the now nationwide explosion of Student Condominium Communities. MS has loaned its innovative approach to RDC in tackling the marketing plans for its projects, including plans for the sale of individual hotel units.  MS works hand-in-hand with RDC from the outset of each potential project, providing a sales and marketing approach to project viability and design during the diligence phase.


November 30, 2017


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