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Muskoka Springs

Muskoka Springs Natural Spring Water Inc. is a diversified beverage service company in Gravenhurst, Ontario.  The business was first established in the same location it currently occupies in 1873, making Muskoka Springs one of the oldest continuously-operating companies in Ontario.


From the 1800s into the World War I era, the business focused on bottling and distributing natural spring water to local residents and tourists.  For decades, water was bottled in large glass bottles, packed in wooden crates, and transported by horse and steamship all over Muskoka.  In the late 1800s, the founders expanded into sparkling, sweetened beverages, such as its well-known Pale Ginger Ale and Stone Ginger Beer.  After World War I, the company became a Coca-Cola bottler, a new focus that became its core business for almost a century.


Today, Muskoka Springs is a full-service ‘market execution partner’ for clients such as Coca-Cola, providing sales and logistics services across Central Ontario.  It also provides private label water products for clients across the province.  However, the company is best known for its Muskoka Springs branded products. Muskoka Springs markets premium products including natural spring water, craft beverages, maple syrup, clothing, and merchandise.  Muskoka Springs products are available at large-format and specialty retailers across Ontario and abroad.


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December 4, 2016


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