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Insider Condo Club

Insider Condo Club (ICC) is the latest generation bulk-condominium syndicate. ICC was established in 2014 by Mass and Mehlenbacher to build on the bulk operation started under The Condo Store banner. ICC specializes in one-day sales extravaganzas designed to sell entire pre-construction inventories. By selling hundreds of units in one swift event, ICC expedites the sales process and brings developments to construction faster than any sales team in the industry. The time saved by ICC saves developers millions of dollars and ultimately boosts returns.


ICC coordinates a network of the market’s most successful real-estate agents – from across brokerages – and funnels their focus onto a single project. At its core, ICC appeals to successful agents by enabling them to add pre-construction condominium investments to their business model. ICC members gain access to the proprietary marketing platform The Condo Store has been using to generate billions of dollars of real-estate sales.


The proprietary, automated marketing software creates a personalized marketing campaign that positions members as experts. Members impress their clients with sophisticated investment reports, industry leading research, and detailed financial models that ultimately draw clients to first-class VIP sales events.


ICC’s success stems from its appeal to agents. Members become part of an elite group with insider access, higher commissions, lower deposits, and impressive incentives. With record-breaking pace and 10 condominium projects under its belt, ICC has generated more than $35 million in commissions and is on pace to become the most powerful condominium syndicate in North America.


ICC’s ability to reliably expedite the sales process provides confidence in The Rosseau Group’s real-estate projects, lending credibility to ambitious timelines and sales plans.


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December 3, 2016


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