Grimsby Gets a Supercharge

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Grimsby Gets a Supercharge

Grimsby’s waterfront development got a charge Friday — a super charge to be exact. Tesla Motorsports Canada unveiled eight supercharger stations for its electric vehicles at the Casablanca Winery Inn May 20. The station is one of 10 in Ontario, with the closest being in Toronto. The installation is a boon for both tourism and economic development in both Grimsby and the Niagara region, said Ted Scaldwell of Tesla.


“The goal behind Tesla, obviously is selling cars, but the big picture is sustainable transportation,” said Scaldwell, during an unveiling ceremony which saw dozens of Tesla owners turn up in the parking lot of the lakefront hotel. “Economic development and regional development is part of that as well.”


Scaldwell said the addition of the eight supercharger stations will put Grimsby and Niagara on the map with Tesla owners, allowing them to take in the region’s many wineries and tourist attractions. Grimsby Mayor Bob Bentley said the superchargers are a great addition to an area of town undergoing major development.


“Very soon they will have the option to stop here and have lunch or dinner at the hotel and then take a walk on our new waterfront trail,” said Bentley, signalling the construction taking part across the street on the waterfront which will include a Main Street type area with plenty of retail options.


“I can now officially declare Grimsby on the Tesla supercharger map,” said Scaldwell before Bentley, Regional Coun. Tony Grimsby Lincoln News.


Quirk, Paul Speck of Henry of Pelham, Grimsby businessman and Tesla driver Jaff Stevenson and hotel owner Don Snivley cut the ribbon on the eight new charging stations. Grimsby also has two electric vehicle charging stations downtown. One was donated by Stevenson and the other purchased by the Downtown Improvement Association.