Port Carling Tim Hortons Will Have Familiar Faces at the Helm

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Port Carling Tim Hortons Will Have Familiar Faces at the Helm

PORT CARLING –  John and Ella Arblaster will be the managers of the new Tim Hortons in Port Carling.


Earlier this year, Port Carling residents saw the closing of Ella’s on Joseph Street. After nine years of continuous operation, owners John and Ella Arblaster announced they had sold the business and building with mixed emotions. This spring, many a church group and local fan stopped by for a last meal at their favourite local institution. Ella’s left a notable hole in Port Carling, leaving the bustling summer town without its longtime breakfast and lunch venue. At the time, the Arblasters did not announce specific plans for their future.


Today, The Rosseau Group announced John and Ella are staying in town to manage the forthcoming Tim Hortons franchise.


“We could not imagine a better team for this exciting new addition to the town,” said Scott Moffat, partner at The Rosseau Group. “Our families were regulars at Ella’s; we were sad to see it close. With John and Ella at the helm, we will be able to recapture some of what was lost. We are thrilled to have them on board.”


“Originally, we were thinking of moving somewhere warm, but this a great opportunity that will be a great addition to the town. It’s not your regular Tim Hortons. We’re excited for this new chapter in our lives, and we’re excited to remain a part of the community we love,” said John Arblaster.


The Port Carling location does not resemble a typical Tim Hortons franchise.


“We have strived to make this restaurant something special, a true Muskoka haven,” said Moffat.


With a peaked roof, cathedral ceiling, extensive stonework, and a gas fireplace, the Port Carling Tim Hortons is designed to reflect Muskoka through-and-through.


The Tim Hortons project has been many years in the making. Despite several setbacks, including the cancellation of the Tim Hortons / Cold Stone Creamery partnership, the Burger King / Tim Hortons merger, and development delays, the project finally broke ground in Spring 2016. The Rosseau Group started as the landowner, then developer, and finally was granted the franchise earlier this year.


“We’re excited to be the franchisee and to have the project on track,” added Rosseau partner John Mehlenbacher


The new restaurant is scheduled to open Fall 2016.


The Rosseau Group is a private investment management and development firm based in Southern Ontario.

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