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Historic Preservation

Our historic preservation efforts began with our namesake; Lake Rosseau, in Ontario’s Muskoka district. Many communities enjoy a reverence of their history, cultural and architecture. Some municipalities have strict preservation rules designed to maintain the architecture that gives their communities a certain aura. In Muskoka, however, preservation is left mostly to private individuals and organizations.

For over a hundred years, structures from Muskoka’s original heyday were carefully preserved across the region. No government involvement was required to maintain the architecture at the core of Muskoka culture. However, in recent years, hundreds of historic structures have been demolished and replaced with modern buildings. After years of watching our history erode, we decided to expand our private conservation efforts.

In 2014, Muskoka Life magazine helped us spread the word that we were interested in preserving historic structures scheduled for demolition. Since then, we have worked with builders, contractors, municipalities, and private owners to preserve residential and commercial structures that would otherwise have been lost entirely. Our long term goal is to relocate select structures as part of the creation of a historic village in Muskoka.


We invest in Muskoka in many ways.


We support local companies, causes, and conservation efforts. Our partners, team members, and companies give back to the region in their own ways. We volunteer, contribute, and donate to local causes of all kinds. We encourage all of our colleagues to get involved and support sanctioned donations with our matching program.

With our various businesses in different industries, we find other, creative ways to invest in our favourite community.


When we develop real estate, we do our best to embrace and enhance the local culture. We add flagstone, canoes, and fireplaces to otherwise standard coffee shops. We design cottages that pay homage to the original Muskoka homesteads. We hang ship lights over the entranceway. Red, right, return.

We keep small businesses open all year so the locals and die-hards can enjoy them when others have departed. We adorn our walls with historic local photographs. We proudly sponsor local hockey rinks. We string Christmas lights on our buildings. We roll out our antique trucks in the Santa Claus Parade. We spend a little extra to provide Muskoka with the everyday character it deserves.