Charitable activities and patronage of Canadian and International Organizations


We are committed to supporting the communities in which we conduct our business. We support causes that matter to our clients, team, and society. Our aim is to make a difference in communities through corporate donations, sponsorships, and volunteer work.

With a strategic focus on ‘Kids, Cures, and Education’, we are investing in the social and economic development of communities across the country.


We know that our long-term success is directly linked to the success of our customers and the communities we serve.

Through a combination of strategic relationships with local and national nonprofits, grants, volunteer activities, and other community investments, we’re creating solutions that help strengthen the communities in which we operate and grow local economies around the world.

Historic Preservation

Many communities enjoy a reverence of their history, culture and architecture. Some municipalities have strict preservation rules designed to maintain the architecture that gives their communities a certain aura. In Muskoka, however, preservation is left mostly to private individuals and organizations.


For over a hundred years, structures from Muskoka’s original heyday were carefully preserved across the region. No government involvement was required to maintain the architecture at the core of Muskoka.

However, in recent years, hundreds of historic structures have been demolished and replaced with modern buildings.

Conservation Efforts

After years of watching our history erode, we decided to expand our private conservation efforts and began investing in historic preservation.

In 2014, Muskoka Life magazine helped us spread the word that we were interested in preserving historic structures scheduled for demolition.


Since then, we have worked with builders, contractors, municipalities, and private owners to preserve residential and commercial structures that would otherwise have been lost entirely.


The long term goal of our preservation efforts is to relocate select structures as part of the creation of a historic village in Muskoka.

We strive not to lose sight of the importance of giving back to the society and communities in which we do business