Firm Overview

The Rosseau Group is a privately-held investment management firm based in Southern Ontario. We invest proprietary and third-party capital in private market projects in two main categories: real estate and operating companies. While each category contains a wide range of investment opportunities, in our real estate division, we focus on residential and mixed-use development; in operating companies, we seek growth capital opportunities in which we can secure a control position.

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Our Mission

The Rosseau Group was founded in 2013 to hold the founders’ growing asset management business, formerly operating as part of the The Condo Store Group of Companies. Long-time partners, John C. Mehlenbacher and Simon S. Mass joined forces with Wall Street veteran Scott K. Moffat to create a firm designed specifically to invest private funds in long term value-oriented projects.


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Our Investment Expertise


Our partners have managed a loyal and growing syndicate of domestic and international investors for over 15 years, providing bespoke portfolios for each client.

Real Estate

Our team is comprised of some of the most respected and brightest minds in the industry and is supported by both The Condo Store Group of Companies and Insider Condo Club

Asset Management

Our partners have deep operating experience in both high-growth and established companies that have completed and generated tens of billions in assets and sales activities


Our partners are serial entrepreneurs.  We lend our experience and resources to our companies and projects, providing our teams with value far in excess of our capital.


Our partners have experience in operations, brokerage, development, asset management, and investment banking. Our combined experience in multinational corporate entities and entrepreneurial ventures provides us with multiple perspectives from which to analyze investments. Our entrepreneurial spirit opens the door to creative projects overlooked by more rigid firms. Our institutional approach ensures that all investments exhibit appropriate risk-return ratios.

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While we invest in a wide range of opportunities, we focus on one geographic area: the province of Ontario.  Our extensive local network provides us with a constant supply of lucrative investment opportunities.  Clustering our investments geographically enables our teams, service providers, and partners to support each other and maintain close control over each investment.

Our Investments

Investment Portfolio

We are opportunistic investors, investing in a wide array of projects and capital classes, ranging from common shares in established businesses to real estate development financing.

Real Estate Operating Companies